Thukha Gabar Hospital provides a Physical Medicine Department under supervision of a famous Physical Medicine Specialist and Physiotherapist for those patients who need physiotherapy rehabilitation and for those who are suffering chronic pain and disable. We arrange a private room fully equip with the latest modernize machines.

Those are –
1. Ultrasound US – 750 with both thermal and non thermal effect especially suitable for soft tissue and tendon injuries
2. Laser (Advanced Laser AL – 170) for tissue healing and pain control
– Intended used for electrotherapy for muscular and Neuro – muscular defect
4. Powered Traction Unit (TM – 400)
– Distraction or decreasing pressure of vertebral bodies
– Reduction of protruding nuclear disc materials
– Stretching of soft tissue surrounding the vertebra
– Muscle relaxation and so on
5. Micro Thermy (ME – 8150/ ME – 8250) for all inflammations and pains
6. Radiant Heat (Infra-red) for pain and to increase blood circulation